If you are facing any type of problem or error in Microsoft Internet Explorer9 such as (ie9 works slowly,ie9 freezes, ie9 stopped working,) then you are at the right place. Here you will get all solution and information of how to fix Internet Explorer9(ie9).

Fix IE9 Error - “Internet Explorer has stopped working”

Internet Explorer 9 is undoubtedly the most advanced and efficient version of Internet Explorer by Microsoft Corporation. It was launched on March 14, 2011 with enhanced graphics and many new features. The utilization of graphical processing unit has brought up many new opportunities for the developers. There are many new and attracting features in Internet Explorer 9 such as Pinning features, integration with win 7, Jumplist, Aero Snap, better UI and many more.

However, as they say that nothing in this world is perfect. The IE 9 with many new enhanced features is also not free from the errors. One of the errors that user face is: “Internet Explorer has stopped working”

Generally there are many reasons that causes this “Internet Explorer has stopped working” error in your computer. Below are the causes and their solutions to fix them easily: The Temporary Files of Internet Explorer stores the websites pages, images, user name, password and the browsing history on a user computer so that to open the website quickly which the user have visited previously. But it can make your PC slower and therefore you must clean your temporary files to run your browser faster.


Secondly the useless Add-ons can also be the reason for this error. Many users install so many toolbars on their computer as they look very attracting and with that sometimes the virus also gets installed on their PC without letting them know. So check all the Add-ons on the Internet Explorer of your computer and remove those that are of no use.

The third and final reason is the registry errors that causes the “IE9 not responding” error. The registry file in a computer is very important and if it gets damaged then can make your computer useless. It may happen that the registry keys and entries related to IE have been damaged. It may be due to virus or spywares or any other reason. To fix this issue you need to use a third party Registry Repair software. It is the most advanced registry repair tool and is also very easy to use. You don't have to call a professional to run this software.