If you are facing any type of problem or error in Microsoft Internet Explorer9 such as (ie9 works slowly,ie9 freezes, ie9 stopped working,) then you are at the right place. Here you will get all solution and information of how to fix Internet Explorer9(ie9).

Know how to fix ie9 slow startup issues in Windows Vista

Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of Internet Explorer, which comes with enhanced graphics and is user friendly too. It is believed to be secured than any other Internet Explorer, and thus, users are trying to install this latest version of Internet Explorer 9 in their system. But many of you are coming up with problems after installing IE9 in your system. Whether it be Windows 7, Vista or any other version of Windows system. Issues like, slow startup and slow shutdown are common problems, users are facing after installing IE9 in their system.

The main cause behind it could be, not installing IE9 properly to your system. And that may be resulting in system slow down. Apart from system slow down, users also face problems regarding Internet Explorer, like, Internet Explorer is too slow, Web pages not opening properly, users are unable to access with Internet smoothly. And these all leads to bring in more frustration in you, and you will look for the solution, as how to get rid out of this slow down issues. Since, no body wants to wait while working with computer and that too on Internet. Because slow performance of system is not tolerable any how. As, Internet are known for delivering fast results, so every one will look for a speedy Internet Explorer.


Now, if your Windows Vista system has slowed a bit down than its normal speed after you installed IE9 in your system, then you should look out for that, whether it has been installed properly or not. If not, you should uninstall it, and then reinstall IE9 again with correct process. Also check out for, whether if your system is virus free or not. And if, your IE9 slow issues are not yet solved by following the above steps, then you must take help of any registry cleaner software. As, may be the ie9 slow issues have been caused because of registry errors of your system. So, for fixing IE9 slow issues, you can use any reliable third party registry cleaner software, which will clean up your registry problems, and then your system would be able to run smoothly with its earlier speed.